Tatoi Royal Estate
(Varibobi - Northern Athens)

Run 1514 (Sunday 21st January 2007)

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photographer: Mad Dog

Total photos & images: 35
Total filesize: 1,350 Kilobytes
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Since Mad Dog & Doggie Style arrived late and missed the actual run,
the photos on this page are from their walk around the estate.

The photos include the royal stables & the royal graves &
interesting pages from the auction catalogue.


Starting location (At the Gate): 38 08.97 N, 023 48.01 E

Satellite view from 1.7 Km altitude with the GPS track of the walk overlaid


View of Royal Stables & the Police Station from 700m altitude


Royal Graves (on top of the hill and set among the trees) from 700m altitude



Panoramic view
Huge stack of firewood & some outbuildings on the estate
(including the police station - which the police would not let me photograph)


Some of the stacked firewood
(this will go unused if this freak warm January weather continues)


Map of the area


Quaint outbuilding


The Royal stables


Drinking trough for the horses


A peek through the window of the disused stables - stalls with nameplates


Heading for the Royal Graves - which are
situated on the top of the local hill.


The graves of the royal family indicate that they
were all either princes or princesses of Denmark.

For those interested in reading the inscriptions
on the graves, the following translations will help:

Chapel for 5 external royal graves


The 5 graves ... and details:


Princess Maria 1876-1940


Princess Alexandra 1870-1891


Queen Olga 1851-1926


King George 1st  (A = Alpha = 1st)  1845-1913
His tomb states he died for his country, but...

King George I, founder of the ill-fated Glucksberg dynasty was shot while taking
a walk in Thessaloniki one spring afternoon in 1913 by a lunatic whose only grudge
against the sovereign was that he had once begged money of him and allegedly been refused.

His death occoured during the period of the Balkan wars (1912-1913) when
Serbia, Greece & Bulgaria combined to drive Turkey out of Europe.


Princess Olga  March-Oct 1880
(Sadly died as a baby)


Path to the other graves


2 graves ... details:


Prince Nicholas  1872-1938


Princess Eleni (Helen) 1882-1955


Then, a mausoleum containing 3 tombs:


Prince Alexander 1893-1920


Queen Sophia 1870-1932


King Konstadinos (Constantine) 1868-1923


An isolated grave...

Prince Andreas 1882-1945


Panoramic view of the Royal forests from the road - on the way back


- A U C T I ON -

This coming week (Wednesday & Thursday) the collection of King George Ist
that was used / displayed by the royal family in the Palace of Tatoi
(and the other palaces) will go on auction at Christie's in London.

The collection belongs to ex-King Constantine and was shipped to him
in the UK after his estate & palace was seized by the
socialist government of Andreas Papandreou.

The balance of the the collection from the this palace and the other
two royal palaces is still held in the Tatoi palace. These items, along
with the palace and it's outbuildings has been neglected by successive
Greek governments and is slowly going to ruin.

The auction catalogue (Completely sold out)

From the auction catalogue:

LEFT: King Constantine 1st of Greece (1868-1923) with his wife
Princess Sophie of Prussia & their children.

RIGHT: 1st panel - King George 1 & Queen Olga in the Garden of Tatoi.

2nd panel - King George 1, Princess Maria, Princess Alice, Prince Andreas,
Princess Helen, Prince Nicholas, & Prince Christopher.

3rd panel - King George 1st desk in the study at Tatoi.

4th Panel - King George 1st study at Tatoi.

Royal Palace Giltwood Console Tables & Centre Table -
from The Ballroom, The Royal Palace, Athens

The Centre table on the right with a guide price of  7,400-12,000 euros
sold at auction on 25th Jan. for 175,000 euros!!!


Side Chairs, Armchairs and Sofas from The Ballroom, The Royal Palace, Athens


Victorian silver-plated Dessert Stands, Butter Shells & Candelabra


LEFT: Russian silver Cigarette Cases (one with Russian Imperial Crown)

RIGHT: Faberge enamelled egg (4.2 cm high)







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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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