The progress of the hasher's travelling award

(Later known as the International Hashshit)


Date: ??

Hasher visiting London from Texas, USA presents it to Parson's Nose of the City of London HHH in London, England


Date: Sunday 28th September 2003 (Athens HHH - Run #1336 - Island of Evia, Greece)

Visiting hasher Parson's Nose of the City of London HHH presents it to Doggie Style of the Athens HHH in Greece

Parson's Nose (RA from London) takes the circle ..
and presents a strange 'travelling' award (came over from Texas via the UK)
to Doggie Style for complaining about the previous day's long walk.


Date: Sunday 7th December 2003 (Athens HHH - 25th-year Anniversary Run - #1346 - in Kouvaras, Athens, Greece)

Doggie Style of the Athens HHH presents the Texas Travelling Award (as it was then called) to Aberdeen Anguish from Scotland (a member of a Scottish hash & an ex-Athens hasher who was visiting Greece for the anniversary celebrations). It was then taken to Scotland.

Doggie Style in the circle, deciding who will get the award


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From: John <mailto:johnmck-&>
To: '"The Animule"' <mailto:theanimule-&> ; '"Bwana"' <mailto:robert.david.walker-&> ; '"Camel" <mailto:lindleys-&-> & "Car Guard"' ; '"Doggie Style"' <mailto:rjhorne-&-> ; '"Goldilocks"' <mailto:jaxx-&> ; '"Parson's <mailto:glay-&> Nose"' ; '"Private Parts"' <mailto:lana_kinley-&> ; '"Romeo Mike"' <mailto:mlear-&>
Cc: john.mckenny-&
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: International Hashshit.

HHHello HHHashers,

1.) This is not a request from a Nigerian with USD 100million stashed away and needing your bank account details so that we can get it out of the country.

2.) You have not won USD 100million in a lottery in which you didn't even have a ticket.

3.) I happened to be the poor Aussie Hasher picked on by "Goldilocks" of Durban Hash House Harriers to transport the "Travelling International Hashshit" from South Africa to Australia. Your names were either drawn out of a barrel, or were someway associated with the details accompanying the "Hashshit", or were present at Circle No3 on the Africa Express.

You may be interested to know it was allowed into Australia. Fuck knows where it will end up from here!!!!

On On and happy Hashing ... "The Animule".

Hinternational Hashshit Haward.

After being presented to "The Animule" of Three Rivers Hash House Harriers,Western Australia by "Goldilocks" of Durban Hash House Harriers in Durban; in the Run No. 3 Circle of the Africa Express Pre-Amble to Africa Hash 2005 in Cape Town. The Hashshit completed the remainder of the Africa Express trip to Cape Town. After which it was then taken to Perth, Western Australia to commence the Australian leg of its Intercontinental journey.

In order to make it easier to pass through Australian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine, the Hashshit was partly dismantled. (i.e. The dildo was "pulled off" and the batteries removed - to make it easier to pass X-ray examination.)

The modification was successful and the Hashshit passed Quarantine inspection, in Perth on the 16th April 2005, with a "funny look" from the Inspector and surrounding passengers.

The Hashshit was re-assembled and a spare Three Rivers Hash House Harriers badge attached; before it was presented to the Friday Hash House Harriers in Perth on 29th April 2005, to commence its Australian tour.

On On and happy Hashing ... "The Animule".

(E-mail Address: theanimule-&


From: "John McKenny" <John.McKenny-&>
To: "Robert Horne" <horne-&>
Cc: <robert.david.walker-&>; <lindleys-&>; <jaxx-&>
Subject: RE: International Hashshit.
Date: 05 May 2005 03:12

G'day "Mad Dog",

Good to hear from you.

I think some photos were taken last Friday when I passed the Hashshit on to the Friday Hash G.M. I will be back in Perth next week so I will try and find out what is available.

As for a photo from Durban when it was presented to me, I didn't see one but I would say that there would be a few around. Once again I will try and find out from "Camel" if anyone has one.

I haven't had time to have a look at the "Africa Express" web site but there could be some interesting photos and information there. It was a great trip and there will be many stories told about it in the years to come.

As I am in the bush and working through my employer's system, I don't have e-mail addresses at my finger tips but you may know "Bwana"and be able to contact him directly in order to save some time in tracking down photos.

On On and happy Hashing ... "Animule".


From: John
To: horne-&
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 7:38 AM
Subject: Hashshit Hits Perth.

Hello “Mad Dog”,

I have finally got hold of a couple of photos of the Hashshit being handed over to Friday Hash in Perth after my return from Africa Hash.

One photo is of the GM “Sadar” and myself after I had presented it to Friday Hash, the second photo is of the Religious Adviser “Troppo” and myself. “Troppo” and I are linked by the “Jabber Jaws” – the “Jabber Jaws” are awarded for talking in the circle and can be awarded numerous times in one night. At the time I think “Troppo” and I had been discussing the finer points of the Hashshit when we were sprung by the GM.

I am not too sure of the current travels of the Hashsit. The On Sec told me that she had grabbed it and passed it to the South of Perth Harriettes and I think they may have passed it to the South of Perth Hash.

On On and happy Hashing … “The Animule”.


Sadar & Animule


Troppo & Animule


From: "NEIL HUNTER" <nbandsa-&>
To: <glay-&>; <rjhorne-&>; <lana_kinley-&>; <mlear-&>;
<jaxx-&>; <theanimal-&>
Subject: Hash Sh*t
Date: 01 June 2005 05:13

The Hash Sh*t was passed to Elma Fudd of the South of Perth Hash House Harriers on 25 May 2005 from the Friday H3 in Perth..
SOPH3 are known as the Numbats, so she added a Numbat Card and a foot to the Sh*t.
On On