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(1) Free Internet Connections

Not strictly software but well worth mentioning...

(1) Name: Tellas - Free Internet
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-500-5000 & enter tellas as the User Name and free as the Password.

Go to the above website - (click the English Flag at the bottom for the English version) for more information.

(2) Name: Vivodi - Net Free
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-750-5050 & enter vivodi as the User Name and NetFree as the Password.

(3) Name: Telepassport
Information:   -----
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-200-0-200 & enter tpfree as the User Name and also tpfree as the Password.

(4) Name: Whisky Magazine
Information:   -----
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-800-1191 & enter whisky as the User Name and also magazine as the Password.

(5) Name: Hellas On Line (HOL)
Information:   -----
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-200-0200 & enter any as the User Name and also time as the Password.

(6) Name: The Mall
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-200-201-202 & enter TheMall as the User Name and also Online as the Password.

(7) Name: To Vima (newspaper)
Notes: Just configure your dialler to dial 801-200-200-200 & enter ToVima as the User Name and also Free as the Password.

Your only charge will be the OTE charge at the local call rate (from anywhere in Greece) of approximately 0.026 Euro per minute (i.e. 2.6 Euros per 100 minutes - 2005 rate). This local call rate is more expensive than the special Internet rate offered by most ISP's which is extremely cheap. It's great for occasional users! No annoying advertisements like some other free services.

If you are going to use more than about Euro 12.00 of call time per month - equivalent to 460 minutes/ month or an average of 15 minutes every day then it may be more economical to sign up with an Internet Service Provider (such as Cybex, Greece) who will charge an annual fee but provide the cheap Internet phone rate.

(2) Free Anti-Spam Software

This type of program will divert e-mail spam into a seperate folder on your computer where you have the option of deleting it all with the click of the mouse or reading through it before deleting it.

Spamfighter (Standard edition)
Download source:
Spam Filter for Microsoft Outlook and Express, Windows Mail and Servers

When a new e-mail arrives, it is automatically tested by SPAMfighter. If it's spam, it will be instantly moved to your SPAMfighter folder. If you receive a spam mail that is not detected, click on a single button, and the spam mail is removed from the rest of the users of SPAMfighter in seconds.

(3) Free Anti-Virus Software

This software will prevent your computer being infected by viruses brought to your computer via the Internet (WWW and e-mail) and from using infected disks. Some viruses will damage your operating system software so making your computer unusable and may require hard disk reformatting - thus destroying all your valuable data (including e-mail address books, Internet favourites, word-processing text files, spreadsheets, photos, etc.).

HINT: In the event that you ever need to reformat your hard disk (or are purchasing a new computer), create a separate partition (which looks to the computer like another hard disk ... say drive-D) where you can save your future data. Then if in the future your drive-C needs reformatting & the operating system reinstalling, your data will still be safe on the other partition.

Name: AVG Free Edition
Download source:

Notes: Virus definition file updates regularly available (after full installation the program will automatically update it's files while connected to the Internet for evermore, for FREE). Do update the virus definition files manually immediately after installing the program & then manually scan your system for viruses].

[Note from Mad Dog: I've used both Norton & McAfee Antivirus programs & I find this one just as good AND more friendly in that it informs you of what it is doing as it does it.

However, when using Outlook Express with an old dial-up connection (56K modem) you need to uncheck the auto-disconnect box and disconnect to the internet manually as Outlook will disconnect before all the mail has been virus-scanned & sent. You will think the mail has gone but some will be sitting in the buffer & invisible to you. It will go next time you turn on the computer and run Outlook Express - but that may be too late!].

(4) Free Anti-Spyware Software

While surfing the web, many websites will transparently download small spyware programs to your computer that will install themselves and secretly send out information about you and your system whenever you connect to the Internet. Besides the loss of privacy these spyware programs cause, they also slow down your computer. Anti-spyware software can remove these programs and prevent new ones from downloading.

Recommend installing and using all programs below as they detect & remove different nuisances.

Name: Spybot Search & Destroy
Download source:
Notes: Spyware definition file updates regularly available (must manually click the program's update button while connected to the Internet to download the updated files). Update immediately after installing the program.

Name: Ad-Aware SE
Download source:
Notes: Spyware definition file updates regularly available (must manually click the program's update button while connected to the Internet to download the updated files). Update immediately after installing the program.

Name: CW-Shredder
Download source:
Notes: Click the "Download CWShredder" button, not the "Download SpySubtract + CWShredder" button - as SpySubtract must be paid for after a free trial.
This program removes just the CoolWebSite Trojan Horse infection

(5) Free Firewalls

Name: Sygate Personal Firewall
Download source:
Notes: The program file (named spf.exe) is 9.013 Megabytes in size and takes quite some time to download but is an effective firewall.

NOTE: If you wish to UPLOAD information (e.g. FTP pages to a website) then suggest you don't install a firewall as it will block your uploads and cause problems.

(6) Free Toolbars

Name: Google Toolbar
Download source:
Notes: Adds to Microsoft Internet Exporer. Eliminate annoying pop-up adverts (requires Internet Explorer 5.5+). Browse by name rather than URL, quick searches, etc.

(7) Free Anti E-mail Harvesting Code

If you have a website on which you want to post e-mail addresses with working hyperlinks but don't want the addresses harvested by spam-crawlers for use in spam mail, you can encode the addresses with a free tool:

(8) Program Serial Numbers

If you have a program but don't have the serial number to install it (maybe you misplaced it? ), then this is what you need. It can supply serials for thousands of programs on a number of different platforms .

Name: Serials2k V7.1 (or Serials 2000)
Download source:
Notes: After downloading & installing the program you must then download the update files (data files with .seu extension - which are zipped along with some other files which can be ignored). These can be found at the above site or at the official site and new ones are added about every 2 weeks.


(9) OTHER GOOD FREE Programs

Download & install this FILE BROWSER from  
FreeCommander does everything you can think of with files & folders and things you never thought of. Even if you just use it for easy renaming of files it's useful. Tons better than Widows Explorer & FREE (no spyware etc embedded).

Also download & install this great (free) PHOTO IMAGE VIEWER from 

InfanView is great for viewing photos and all sorts of graphics images and files etc. It has lots of editing features & you can adjust colours, brightness, contrast, etc & resize (reduce) photos for e-mailing & WEBPAGES (use Save for Web) + tons of other features. Make it your default viewer for jpegs etc.

If you want to CONVERT VIDEO OR AUDIO FILES - download & install the free and easy to use
Format Factory program from  and/or

Super@ program from

A universal MEDIA PLAYER that will play just about any file format is the VLC Media Player downloadable from .

See all the formats it supports at

It handles DVDs, (S)VCDs, Audio CDs, web streams, TV cards and much more. With VLC, there is no need to continually update many different codec packs. VLC comes with nearly every codec built in! And whats more, VLC can play back your files, even if the media is damaged! Missing or broken pieces wont stop VLC. All the video and audio information that remains can be played.

A great SCREENSAVER that will display a chosen folder-full of photos with literally hundreds of different and delightful transition effects from one photo to the other.  It is called e2eSoft Pictures ScreenSaver 1.1.0 & the file is called PicScr_v1.1.exe

Download from:    or  


Free GPS Software - An Up-to-Date List of over 550 free programs :


TopoGrafix EasyGPS:

GPS TrackMaker:   


Miscellaneous Notes on Computing & Software

(1) Registering a Greek Internet Domain Name (.gr) for a website.

Go to the site (click this link):

Unfortunately, this does cost money!

Alternatively, use   a website hosting company. Just fill out the form on the site to apply for a .gr domain. Cost (Jan. 2005) is Euro 32.00 for TWO years (not bad!).

(2) A more economical solution is to purchase a .com or other general name from a good registration company like DNbuy which will cost approximately US$ 8.97 per year (very affordable!). The Athens HHH site is registered through them.

Click this link:

(3) FREE Website Hosting

Register at $0.00 webhost to get an ad-free 1500MB Disk Space, 100 GB traffic, FTP, etc. Just AMAZING that they do this for free.

Click this link:     (Note these are three ZEROS)

Register at TopCities. They have the least annoying obligatory banner ad at the top of the page. And they don't bug you about not updating your site frequently. You can later upgrade to a economical paid bannerless site with more features if you wish.

Click this link:

PAID Website Hosting

Give one of our AH3 hashers the business. Register with the hosting company that hosts this site:

(For further information, talk to Snowjob.cum i.e. Panos)