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Beer Bong    
Shotgunning a beer
Ski Buses
Ski Resort Information
Useful Phone Numbers

NOTE: More information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

Beer Bong

Construction: A large plastic funnel with an approx. 50 cm section of plastic tube (hosepipe) pushed onto the spout of the funnel

Usage: Funnel held vertical in left hand & right thumb or finger held over open end of plastic tube to seal it. Beer is poured into funnel to the required level. Funnel is now raised above head & plastic tube placed quickly in mouth after removing finger. At same time, head is thrown back and throat opened.


Shotgunning a beer

1. Get a can of beer. (If you are stupid enough to try this you may not be smart enough to know this step is obvious)


2. Hold Beer can so that opening at top is at 3 0'clock position (looking down on the can).

3. If top opening is at three o'clock. You will cut open an inverted 'V' shape at bottom of can so that wide part of 'V' is on the bottom and the top of the 'V' is pointing towards the top of the can. This cut goes at the 6 o'clock position.

(Can use a standard tin-can piercer or a penknife to make this hole)

4. Hold can with left hand.

5. Use right hand to open top (but not yet!)

6. Put mouth on opening. Don't cut yourself. And don't drink yet.

7. Now rotate the can back to the vertical position.

8. You are now holding the can upright. Holding the beer in the can with your mouth. Holding the can with your left hand and ready to 'pop' the top with your right.

9. When the moment of truth arrives:

10. Pop top and open mouth.

11. Gravity will provide the rest.

(Contributed by Spume, 13 Jan. 2003)


Ski Buses

NOTE: Be sure to get on the correct bus as more than one picks-up at the same time.

Board Generation Ski bus Express - bookings for Parnassos & Kalavrita.
Call: 210-671-3879   
Internet booking form at: www.boardgeneration.gr    (12 euro per person)
Days: Saturday
Type: Single-decker

(1) Kalimarmaro (Old Olympic) Stadium, Athens- departs 05.00 a.m.
(2) Faros (opposite taxi rank), Psyhiko - departs 05.40 a.m.
(3) Trohonomos (McDonalds. Opposite bus station outside park), Kifissia - dep. 06.00 a.m.

Arrives at Parnassos at 08.30 a.m. - no stops on the way there!
Assemble at 03.15 p.m. Departs at 03.30 p.m. sharp. Won't wait.
Snack stop after 1 hour on return journey.

Kominis Ski bus bookings for Parnassos.
Call: 210-701-2213 (this is a fax after hours) - or- 210-520-3803 (Call at least 1 day before)
Days: Saturday & Sunday (12 euro per person)
Type: Double-Decker bus, Blue
Kifissia pickup at 05.45 a.m. (outside McDonalds). Returns 7.00 or 8.00 P.M. (?)

Klaoudatos Ski bus bookings for Kalavrita (& Parnassos?).
Call: 210-578-1880  (12 euro per person).
Days: ?
From the Cybex Snow Report web site you can reserve seats on the Ski Bus from Athens to Parnassos/Kalavrita  (and from Thessaloniki to Seli, Kaimatsalan and 3-5 Pigadia).
(On website go to English -> Links)

You can find the links to the reservation form on each Ski center's Snow Report.



Ski Resort Information

Also see: http://www.snowreport.gr


Directions: North up the National Road (Ethniki Odos). Leave the National Road for Arahova & Delphi (to the left). Pass through Arahova & turn right up to ski area (left fork goes to Delphi).  About 2 1/2 hours non-stop from Kifissia (Northern Athens suburb).

Skiing - Ski passes (all lifts): Euro 22.00 (Weekends), Euro 12.00 (Weekdays)
Non-skiing (visitors) - Yellow Gondolas to ski lift area & restaurant building: Euro 2.00
-Ski lessons available.

Cafe/Restaurant (3 floors) (Tel: 0234-22695 & 22694)
Snacks, refreshments, toilets, deck chairs for relaxing / sunbathing.

Parking - Weekends, car parks become full early (after 9.00 a.m.) and if you are late you may have to park on the road & have a long walk in your ski gear.

- Yellow 2-person Gondolas to ski lift area & restaurant building, then:
- Centre-Right: 2-chair lift (short haul) to easy slope. Continue up on button lift to a higher easy slope (less crowded).
- Centre-Left: 4-chair lift (long haul) to easy slope (to right side) or difficult 35 degree slope (to left side) which beginners should avoid. This is the most popular lift at weekends.
- Far left: Difficult.
Also other lifts
-Limited gentle slopes for beginners


Directions: South on the National Road, then turn right for Corinth (Korinthos) ... careful as it's easy to miss the sliproad to the right. After passing over the Corinth canal (see yellow railings) look for signs to Patra (about 1 hour to this point). Continue in this direction on the National Road (you will soon pass McDonalds). You are driving along the side of the Gulf of Corinth with pine-covered mountains to your left & sea to your right. In a little under an hour pass under a bridge and get in the right hand lane as the turnoff for Kalavrita (and Diakofto) comes up quickly.

(NOTE: If you reach the Egio turnoff you have missed the Kalavrita turning and gone too far. Turn right towards Egio & then follow the signs for Diakofto. You'll backtrack along the old (lower) road. Don't turn left into Diakofto but continue until you reach the Kalavrita road junction on the right... which passes up & under the National Road)

Turn right (off the National Road) and down & then turn right to start up the long winding road to Kalavrita town & then on up to the Ski resort (this part takes about 1 hour). On the way you will pass Ski Bills where you can rent skis, buy equipment & use the restrooms.

[Suggestion: try the delicious Loukoumathes - honey balls- at the Kalavrita station cafe on the way]

Cafe/Restaurant (2 floors):
Just above the car park & close to the ski lifts so accessible to skiers & visitors alike.
Refreshments, snacks, toilets, deck chairs

- Left: Excellent beginners slope with drag lift (short walk up the slope)
- Left: Chair lift to 'easy' slope with steep start (not recommended for beginners) ..Continuation lift to difficult & very difficult slopes.
- Right: Button lift to easy slope BUT careful, beginners don't accidentally go down the difficult slope to the right on the way. ...Continuation lift to the left taking you to difficult & very difficult slopes & nice views. The difficult slope to the right merges with the easy slope a little lower and gives a nice run.

Useful Phone Numbers:

* Ambulance (to State duty hospital): 166
Directory Enquiries (Athens & Suburbs): 131
Directory Enquiries (Elsewhere): 161
* Duty Hospital information: 106
* Emergency services information (in English & French): 112
Police: 100
* Private Hospitals:
- Kiffisias Ave at Mourousi (Athens Medical Centre Tel: 210-686-2393, Hygia Tel: 210-686-7000)
Taxis: 1300
Tourist Police 171