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AH3 Hashers with the most runs


Mountain Goat  (as of run no. 1682,  28/02/2010) has made   800 runs

Followed by:
Bookmaker       with 667  runs (as of run 1576)
Banger               with
395  runs (as of run 1576)(Left AH3)
Constipated      with 371  runs (as of run 1280) (Left AH3)
Mad Dog           with
350  runs (as of run 1675)
Clitoria               with
350  runs (as of run 1723)
Oopah                with 300  runs (as of run 1262) (Left AH3)
Mash                  with 299  runs (as of run 1576)(Left AH3)
Chicken Stock  with 293  runs (as of run 1282) (Returnee)

AH3 Hashers with the longest history of trail laying

Hamish McTavish Esq.              On 14 July 2008 (AH3 Run 1594) Hamish had laid trails in each of 5-decades (most in OZ)


Fastest Down-In-Ones


Dirty & Hairy  (too fast to time!) He beat-off Spume's challenge on the Island of Aegina (25th May, 2002)
Pop Up  (too fast to time) He beat a Scandinavian visitor at Hamish's party (9th November, 2002)

Fastest Shotgunned Beer

Spume (too fast to time!) As a DIO for Live Hares in Politia against Porn Ski (12th Jan, 2003)

Hasher with the greatest number of down-in-one's awarded in one circle

Immac - A total of SIX!

Our Youngest Hasher to get a Down-In-One

Connor -   (Aged 6) ....A Seven-up

Because he lost his sister's toy monkey on the Kifissia Hash on 6th August, 2001

Hares who laid the shortest trails

Hamish McTavish & Krazy Puppy  (Old Olympic Stadium on 23rd July' 2001) when the front-runners short-circuited the trail and the hash arrived back in about 20 minutes. The hashers had to run around the stadium track to build up a thirst!

Hares who laid the longest trails

Shiva - A 2.5 hour A-A trail in Stamata (run 1468) on 19th March 2006 (All Day Sucker got lost & made his own 4-hour trail)

Bookmaker  - A 2.5 hour A-B-C-D-E trail for his 500th run on the Greek island of Aegina 0n 25th May 2002.

Spume - An unintended 2.5 hour trail in Malakasa (north of Athens on the National Road) on 15 September 2002. He laid the trail earlier in the morning before the run and a farmer chased him off his land for spreading a suspicious substance (blue-coloured flour), forcing him into a long diversion around a military encampment. He arrived back just in time for the run to commence. Spume then ran with the pack! The run ended in pouring rain and umbrellas were required in the hash circle as the downpour became so heavy.

Greatest number of hares to set a trail

Dirty & Hairy -plus- 4 Daughters & 2 Friends - a total of 7 (Psychiko, 30th July, 2001)

Hasher with the longest time spent in the circle

Sir Shagalot  (He fell asleep whilst the circle was held on the beach in Tinos)

Hasher with the greatest attendance for the least distance covered

Gobbler ....While regularly guarding (???) the beer while the hashers are out running

Hares who become lost on their own trail

Bookmaker & Mountain Goat ... on our Founders Day run at Marathon Lake on 01 December 2002 (run R1289) after climbing out of the valley downstream of the Marble Dam. The trail took over 2 hours.

Hasher who has become lost the most times on the trail

Present champion: Hamish McTavish

* Dionysos (02 July, 2001) ..Arrived when the circle was just closing & a search party forming! Given an instant DIO.

* Full-Moon Hash (05 July, 2001) in Psychiko

* Psychiko (30th July, 2001).    Quote: "I was only half lost this time"

Runner-up: Wet Dream

* Ano Kifissia (08 December, 2002). His wide hat bobbed over the hillside just as we were dispatching 4 WD's vehicles & hashers on foot to find him (after the circle). Heavy rain & wind! Given DIO.

Hash with the most hasher's horrors (children) attending

(1) Run 1256 (Voula)   9 horrors attending (including one set of male triplets supplied by XXX)

Hash with the most hasher's animals attending

(1) Testicles last run (he thought all the "Pommies" were animals! ..Especially after being presented with a pornographic collage as a going-away gift)

(2) Run 1235 (Pikermi/Pallini)     3 Dogs attending

(3) Run 1243 (Markopoulou)     5 Dogs attending (Including Tank, Polo )

Hash with the most hasher's animals participating in the run


Hasher with the most children (under 16) attending

Dirty & Hairy with his 4 daughters

Our Oldest Hashers

Oopah ......A mere whippersnapper at 72 years old in 2002

Playboy-2 .......Just 69 years old in 2002

Our Oldest Hash Harriette

The Witch (Only 65 years old in 2001)

Our Youngest Hashers

Kiki Makridous' 8 month old baby (July' 2001)

D+H's new baby girl (born Dec. 2001) [hash name - Mini Pea]

Our longest regularly-attending member

Mountain Goat

Our longest still-attending members

Shampoo George & Yianni Psimopoulos

Our longest still-attending member with the least runs recorded

Spazmodic    Member of the AH3 since 1988 ... with 42 runs recorded (up to August, 2001)

Hasher travelling the longest distance to the Hash

Shagfest .. Travels all the way from Thesselonika in Northern Greece (6 hours by train!).

Oopah .. Traveled 125 Km each way to the Athens Hash (from: Levadia in Boatia & also from Theologos - Lokridos near Atalanti)
                  i.e. both a round trip of 250 Km !!!

(As of run 1215 he has travelled 279 runs x 250 Km = 69,750 Km to attend the Athens Hash)

Hash with the largest Attendance

Our 1000th Run - to be followed in due course by our 2000th Run.

Hash Runs with the longest False Trails

Run 1238 (16 Dec. 2001) in Agias Pareskevi (Lower slopes of Mt. Hymattos). Hare: Major Arsehole.

Most Complicated Hash Trails

Run 1262 (Hare: The Bookmaker) with an A-B-C-D-E trail with 4 stops meeting-up with a coach carrying liquid supplies & picking up tired (& injured) runners & walkers. Run lasted about 2 1/2 hours.

Most embarrassing moments while taking part in a hashing event

(1) Semen Staines ...Was chased by a DONKEY when setting the recovery run on Tinos island, then discovered while on the actual run that the donkey had eaten the blue coloured flour he had laid for the trail, so there were no marks in that area for the Hashers to follow. The donkey was spotted with a blue nose!

(2) Clitoria, when she realised what her hash name really meant! (Her hash name came from Klitoria, the name of a Greek Village in the Kalavryta region of the Peloponnese, near where the Hashers go skiing).

Special Awards Section

*** The Hasher's Special Exhibitionist Award ***

Immac .. Demonstrating the correct way to dance in a Thong.

*** The Harriet's Special Exposure Award ***

(otherwise known as.. The Playboy Photo Opportunities Award)

Gobbler ..Who excelled her own remarkable record with an emulation of a Renaissance -style Nymph in the hash circle held on the large lawn in Dirty & Hairy's garden in Psychiko (30 July, 2001).

*** The Harriers Special Exposure Award ***

Sir Shagalot ..Who, after having been carried to the centre of the large hash circle from his bed while still asleep, had cold water poured over him, stood up and had his pants pulled down to his ankles (by MFP). Being still half asleep, it took him a while to realise what had happened. (First Nash Hash Weekend, Skopelos, 02 Sept. '2001).

*** The "Hash Spectacular" Award ***

Constipated ..While Paragliding with the hash in Skopelos, decided to invent the underwater version of the sport and nearly drowned himself. (01 Sept. '2001)


Miscellaneous Records Section

Years with the most Athens Hasher's


25 May, 2003: Extra Duty (Joyce-Ann G.) -Married- To Pee or Not To Pee (Adli A-B) - : Hydra island, Greece.

08 June, 2003: Semen Staines (Alex B.) -Married- Bully Off  (Lotte D.) - Pornichet, in the South of France.
Hashers attending: Krazy Puppy, Maurice (UK),   Ratarsed, Gobbler, Freeloader (GR),  Afro, Colgate & Afro's piano playing Dad, Trevor (UK) - plus lots of Swedish people and some frogs!

08 June, 2003: All Head, No Shaft (Jim R.) - Married- Hungary Puszi (Krisztina P.) - in her home town of Novi Sad, Serbia

02 August, 2003: Numb Nuts (Ben K.) - Married - Juliette - Manchester, England
Hashers attending: Strawberry Foreskin (NN's Dad)

18 August, 2003: Mad Dog & Doggie Style's 30th Wedding Anniversary

27 September, 2003: Bloating Bladder proposed to The Dyke on the motor coach to the evening Seafood Taverna on the Athens Hash Evia Island Weekend ... and was accepted. A Hashers engagement ceremony was performed in the Circle on the beach at Pefki after the run the next day (Sunday) by the RA Playboy-2. Leafy wreaths were placed on their heads and foliage rings on their fingers as they were seated on stools.

Years with the most Virgin Hares

(Includes: Overseas hashers new to the Athens Hash & horrors)


Trailmaster: Hamish Mc Tavish, Esq.
From AGPU 25th May, 2002 (Aegina) -to- AGPU 8th June, 2003 (Glyfada)
Virgin Hares: 18


Hare Raiser: Mad Dog
From AGPU 19th May 2001 (Tinos) -to- AGPU 25th May, 2002 (Aegina)
Virgin Hares: 28

Our On-Inn's & Events with most Booze consumed

On-In at Hamish McTavish's pad in Glyfada (after run 1281 on 6th Oct. 2002) - when we were soaking wet from the heavy rainstorm and we drank (besides the beer, etc.) at least 15 bottles of wine (10 Red & 5 White).

Our Most Disastrous On-Inn's

Marine House garden BBQ (Hare -Immac) after run 1265 on 17th June 2002 in the evening when the Gas Ran Out on the gas BBQ shortly after the hamburgers & meat had been put on to cook. An electric grill was located and plugged-in whereupon the power circuits blew & the hashers were left in darkness. An electrician was called but a couple of hours elapsed before power was restored. Meanwhile candles were lit so drinking could continue but many hashers went home hungry.

Our Most Outrageous Hasher Exploits

(1) A dart thrown by Ratarsed during a darts game -accidentally flew over a wall and stuck in the groin of a Pool player (named Robert) while waiting his turn to play. The dart embedded itself just a couple of centimetres from his family jewels. (Agistri Games Weekend - Greek Island of Agistri - 14 to 16th June, 2002).

Hash Event with the largest number of Nude Swimmers

First Greek Nash Hash, Island of Skopelos (bathing on the 1st & 2nd Sept., 2001)

Hares detained by the Police (etc.) for sprinkling suspicious substances (flour)

(1) Freeloader & Slush Puppy (Run 1233, Syngrou Park, 11th November, 2001)

(Detained by Police in patrol car. Rescued by Clitoria on the mobile phone)

(2) Burning Man (Run 1245, Filopappou & Acropolis, 27th January, 2002)

(Detained on Filopappou hill, central Athens. He tasted the blue-coloured flour & was then released)

(3) Spume (Run 1278, Malakasa, 15 September 2002) - Chased off farm by farmer who intended to call the police.

Best Karaoke Singer

Ruptured Haemorrhoids

Funniest Karaoke Singer


(Remember "Kung Fu Fighting" ?)

Best Female Table Dancer


Best Male Bar-Top Dancers

Immac & Sir Shagalot

(Playboy-2's Garden Bar, Skopelos,  31st Aug. & 01 Sept. 2001 - to the tune "Keep your hat on")

Most Frequent Nude Swimmer

Strawberry Foreskin

Hash Taverna & Bar Breakages

(1) The KOUTOUKI, Kifissia, 6th August, 2001:    Two glasses broken in two separate incidents.

(2)  RESTAURANT  PARAGADI, Skopelos, 31st August, 2001      One plate broken.

(3) The GARDEN BAR, Skoplos,  31st Aug. - 01 Sep., 2001     Two glasses broken.

Tavernas with the Best Food & Service

(1) Run 1236 (Founders Day, Papagou): SEAFOOD TAVERNA GARITHOMANIA, Neapoleos & El. Venizelou, Oria (near) Agias Paraokevis & Holargos.   TEL: 010-654-6138.   Welcome drink of Tsipourou, Shrimps, Mussels, Sardines, Octopus, Squid, Crabmeat tasters, Carrot Salad, Chips, etc. + very ample red & white wine + beer.  Only 4,000 drachmas (equiv. to 11.60 euros) per head!

(2) Full Moon Hash (28th Jan,2002): THE KANOUON KOUTOUKI, Karpathou 22, Kifissia, N. Athens (near back of Kifissia cemetery just off Harilaou Trikoupi ..can park here). Tel: 010-808-0934 . Dishes include rabbit, cockerel, uvetsi, lamb + lots of tasty starters. White (home-made) house wine delicious. Friendly staff.

Tavernas with the Worst Food & Service

(1) TAVERNA  PLATANOS, 4, Diogenous St., Plaka (on the occasion of the August, 2001 Full Moon Hash)

     [So, so slow... and when the food finally came, there was so little we went away hungry]

(2) RESTAURANT  PARAGADI, Skopelos town (sea front), Island of Skopelos (First Greek Nash Hash,  31st Aug. 2001)

    [So slow, the restless hashers entertained themselves with a breadcrust fight]

(3) Run 1235 (Pikermi/Pallini) Taverna: Only starters, no main course, poor service, bossy waiters .. and on top of that they charged us 4,500 each!!

Nerd Awards Section

Hash Shit documents with the largest file sizes

Smorgasm  Who attached to her e-mail her 7.5 megabyte Word for Windows file for Run 1286 (10 Nov., 2002) - with 7 embedded photographs (which she considerately zipped down to a slightly smaller file size). It took MD more than half an hour to download with a 56 Kb/sec modem!

Distributed documents with the largest file sizes

Strawberry 4Skin Who attached a 6 Megabyte Faxe beer logo graphic (+ 3 smaller graphics files) to his e-mail & distributed it to committee members on 10th June, 2003.

E-mail Blocking

Self Service Who blocked Mad Dog's e-mail service twice in two consecutive days by attaching multiple 500+ Kilobyte photo files to his e-mail while attempting to send in photos for the website in
Sept, 2003

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