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The Athens Hash House Harriers

Olympic Games 2004 Images

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Olympic games dates: Friday 13 - Sunday 29 August 2004

(Paralympic games dates:  Friday 17 - Tuesday 28 September 2004)

The Olive wreath emblem of the Athens Games
(The olive wreath was the prize of the ancient Olympian athletes)
(The colours of white on a blue background symbolize the national colours of Greece)

Athens Olympic Organizing Committee (ATHOC) logo

The Athens 2004 Olympic mascots Athena and Phivos

Torch Lighting Ceremony in Olympia

The torch is ignited from a solar reflector

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
(13 August 2004)

The Olympic circles formed by burning gas in the artificial lake

Boy sails across lake in origami boat

Laser light starts to form a spiralling DNA molecule representation

The glowing pregnant women representing the future

Dramatic Minoan figures

Minoan snake priestess

Statues of the Greek classical period

The Caryatids - statues of women from the south porch of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis

Statue depicting the Greek theatre

A Brazilian athlete waves as the parade of athletes enters the stadium

Olympic Games Closing Ceremony
(29 August 2004)

Our own hasher Maria Panos (MFP) leans from the window of the gypsies Toyota pickup

 Darlin',  nice of you to think of
me. I had a ball being part of an historical Olympics. 
Good seeing all of you, too.  Give my to all the HHH'ers. 
Filakia.     MFP


Paralympic Opening Ceremony
(17 September 2004)

Note the Paralympic special edition stamps inset.

Paralympic Closing Ceremony
(28 September 2004)

During the Games

Organizers: ATHOC President Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki

& Athens Mayor Mrs. Dora Bakoyanni (holding the Olympic torch)

Organizer: IPC President Phil Craven

The stunning Santiago Calatrava designed "Agora", pools & fountains -
at the OAKA main Olympic complex in Maroussi

The Athens 2004 Olympic mascots Athena and Phivos at the ATHOC HQ

ATHOC President Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki
with Fivos & Athena

Skipper Sofia Bekatorou and crew Aimilla Tsoulfa sail their women's
470-class double-handed dinghy during the 10th race at Agios Kosmos ... and on to a gold medal.

Greek women medallists

Prime minister Costas Karamanlis cheers for the Greek atheletes

400 metre hurdles in the OAKA Main Olympic Stadium

Road cycling - passing below the Parthanon on the Acropolis

The Greek woman's water polo team beats Australia 6-2 in the semi-finals
OAKA Aquatic centre

Brazilian horsemanship at the Markopolo Equestrian Centre

Synchronized diving at the OAKA diving pool

Men's cycling at the Velodrome in the OAKA complex

Judo in the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall

Weightlifting in the Nikea Olympic Hall

Greek womon athletes at a medal ceremony

Brazil women's beach volleyball

Paralympic athlete - Canada's Chantal Petitclerc (classified T54) won all her 5 events in Athens
(100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1,500m)

South African Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius wins the 100m

Street Displays during the Games

Organized by the Municipality of Athens

- Daytime -

One of a series of balloons marking place of interest

Photo displays adorning the fence around the National Gardens

Draped building

Draped building

- Night -

Lighted fountains

"Catch the light" theme

Giant spider's web

Novel sculptures

Interactive sculpture-display

Interactive sculpture

- Another Mad Dog special section -

(Acknowledgement to the Athens News and other Greek publications)