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Useful information for residents of Athens


Can be found on Greek TV teletext (ERT Net channel) and also at:       (Greek Travel Pages)


The Presidential Degree is available here for downloading (in JPEG form) both the Original Greek (print to show to an uncooperative taxi driver) and the English translation:

English version

Greek version


112 is the European emergency phone number. You can call 112 to contact emergency services (ambulances, fire-fighters and the police) in any country of the European Union.

You can use 112 from fixed phones, including payphones, or mobile phones. Calls to 112 are always free of charge. The 112 functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More info relative to Greece here:


As of November 2009 Cardphones have to be registered. Go to a mobile phone shop (Wind, Cosmote, Vodaphone etc) that corresponds to your mobile phone service provider.
Take your Passport and your AFM tax number + your mobile phone. You will have to provide your address, etc. They will scan your passport & take out your SIM card from the phone and record the number. Then they print a form & you have to sign it on a graphics tablet - so they get your digitized signature. They then give you a copy of the form.

If you don't go through this procedure they will disconnect your phone!


A new (European-based) law requires ALL legal residents of Greece both Greek and foreign to apply for an AMKA (Social Security) Number by October 2009 (This date will probably be extended).

Just take your PASSPORT along to your local KEP (Citizens Advice Bureau) and ask for an AMKA number. You will also have to supply your TAX NUMBER (AFM), address & phone number. There is no charge made for this number.

Check the printout they give you carefully before you sign it and insist they type your passport details (name, etc) correctly in LATIN characters to match your passport - on the right hand side of the page. The greek translation will appear on the left side of the page. Some operators don't know how to use the computer program correctly as it's new - so they may need to consult their supervisor.

Further information can be found at the website URL:  WWW.AMKA.GR

(You may want to use Google Translate to translate it into English.

Go to   & set-up the options to Greek to English & enter the URL.

An Advert for AMKA can be found on YouTube by entering AMKAGR in the search window.

European Health Insurance Card

(For all EU citizens)

Leisure or business
If you are going on a holiday or a business trip, you should apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which offers you access to reduced-cost (and sometimes free) medical treatment from state hospital services in other European countries. 

For UK Citizens:

If you have a UK address then apply NOW for your card through the following NHS (National Health System) page:

You will have to give your UK address and the plastic health card(s) will be posted to that address - so you will need a way of collecting them if you are not making a visit home soon. If you are hospitalised & use the card you will need to give your UK address.


You will need notarized documents for opening offshore bank accounts, etc. (Anti-money laundering regulations)

British Embassy charge of lot of money for certified passport copy service. Don't know about other embassies.

But you can get a free certified copy by taking the photocopy to your local Council Citizens Advice Bureau or KEP. This is usually next to or inside the town council (DIMOS) building. They have a notary public & lots of official stamps.


Also at the KEP non-EU foreign residents can renew their residence and work permits (used to be only at the Aliens Bureau). EU residents have to do this at the Aliens Bureau - which is now much less crowded. Open until 13.00 each day.

If you are buying a car privately you can get the car ownership document changed at the KEP (they send it away to the Ministry of Transport - which saves you having to go to central Athens).

Non Greek-speaking foreign nationals who live in Greece may call the multi-lingual call centre 24/7 at “1564”, or visit the KEP website to obtain specific information pertaining to their case.

and their services


KalfoPoulio Municipal Health Clinic (Free Health Care)

(Opened 2005)

(Provides basic health services for Greek or immigrant residents with or without insurance)

78 Solonos Street, Athens.

Tel: 210-362-6478 for information about doctor's schedules

Open: Weekdays 8am - 6pm        No appointment necessary.

The clinic has: Pathologists, paediatricians, gynaecologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, orthopaedists, dentists, surgeons, eye doctors, microbiologists and nursing care.

KAT Emergency hospital

Going north: it's signposted to the left - off Kifissias Ave. just before you enter Kifissia (Road is opposite Syngrou Park car park)
(Parking is sometimes a bit difficult - if really desperate, park in Syngrou park car park)
(Drive straight-in if emergency - but may have to take car out afterwards if hospital busy)
(Or alight at the KAT Electrico-ISAP station & walk about 400 metres)

Specializes in accidents (but can handle almost anything & give all the necessary tests).

Very economical for non-insured persons.

To see a doctor (specialist) just walk in (early morning is best) and first go to the Tamio to pay (just a few Euros) & get receipt.

Very experienced staff. Perform large & small (routine) operations by appointment - or almost immediately if emergency.

Only disadvantage is an older-style building & waiting in line if hospital is busy.

Sotoria Hospital (opposite the Pentagon on Mesogian Avenue).

Specializes in Lung problems.

Ram Pants was treated here for Pneumonia & rare lung condition in Sept. 2004. Reported excellent treatment and thorough, tenacious testing until cause isolated. Food could be improved.

National Hospital (Leof. Alexandras)

Appointments: Tel: 643-0811, Fax: 642-0146

Cosmetic mole removal. First-class surgeons. Cost only small registration fee (orig. 1,000 drs)

PRIVATE HOSPITALS and their services

Kianous Stavros (Blue Cross) Hospital

Tel: 210-746-8800      Fax: 210-777-4304,    210-779-2705

(Vasilias Sophias Avenue 102 - opposite Platia Mavrili, Athens 115-28) (Look for the Blue cross)

(Walk North from the Megaron metro & it's on the right - or- walk down from Abelopiki metro & it's on the left)

Not cheap - but probably the most economical private hospital in Athens.
Has all the latest equipment (incl. scanners, etc.).
Also does general check-ups & small operations (just go in and ask).
Has a little coffee shop in the basement.