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Cybex Internet Services

Website Hosting - Dial-up & ISDN

Snow & Beach Webcams


Contact: Panos (Snowjob) at   panos@cybex.gr

ACTIVE World Travel
General Travel & Tourism

15, Vouus Street, 105-63, ATHENS
Tel: +30-210-322-6606, Fax: +30-210-322-6605

Contact Barry at:

barryrussell2003 -at- yahoo -dot- com -dot- hk

b.russell -at- activetravel -dot- gr

210-322-6606  or  210-322-6605

Mob: 0030 6976-626109


Download a list of services (MS Word document)

(The account for Active travel is Alpha Bank 114-00-2310003605  and the account holders name is Vagelis Arvanitis)

Barry Russell (Cereal Whinger) has been with the Athens Hash since the Marathonas run in early 2001

Applying for a job in Greece?


- The job seeker's comprehensive database for a successful job application.

 - Hundreds of contacts data and information. Private initiative, fully independent.

Contact: Carmen
(Spanish Fly) at carmen@gotohellas.de


Previous experience in teaching Greek (and English) to foreigners.
Your own place or mine. Reasonable rates.

TRANSLATIONS: English/Greek, Polish/Greek, Polish/English

Call: Maria (Beat Me Up) Scotti
Tel.: 694- 419-3380 (mob.)
210-213-8611 (home) after 18:00
E-mail: skottis@hol.gr


Veritas Financial Services

Confidential Advisory service in respect of:

Contact: Nicoll (Major-A) Clark on (+30) 210 60 33 515   -or-   (+30)-697-768-1681  (Mob.)

 E-mail: nicoll@otenet.gr   or Visit the Veritas website


(Southern Suburbs)

Give me any word and I'll prove to you that it has a Greek root. For example, "hash" could be used to mean "Xasou apo edw" meaning get the hell out of here! You see! .

After you are finished boozing and snoozing you might realise that you are still in Greece and don't know what the hell is going on around you outside the Hash!

That can be fixed by taking interesting -entertaining-low pressure Greek lessons by a native speaker of Greek with an MA in TEFL who knows what you Hashers need to have even more fun!

Individual or group lessons, based on fun and communicative activities.

Irene's Contact number is: 210-973-5555  
- Please leave a message.

These phrases are taken, without permission, from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". A must for anyone who is living in Greece and might end up with Greek in-laws.

(Irene is an occasional hasher & friend of Playboy-2)


Website Design Services

E-mail: horne@ath.forthnet.gr