Twin Cheeks Moonshine Hash House Harriers

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- History -

- Founding Run -
Melissia -
Tuesday 18th April 2000

Roll of founding members:

S4S - Hare & GM
The Bookmaker
Mad Dog
Lay Me
Ruptured Haemorrhoids
wife: Lynne (?)
Mislaid (Sophie)
Josie (later: Growing Pain)
Mimi  (later: Boney M)

(16 total)

Before the start of the run - Photographer Mad Dog
(See below for details of the trail)

After the run the hashers went to the grotty looking Taverna opposite the small park.

- 50th Anniversary Run - Melissia -
Monday 5th April 2004 - 19.00 hrs


Strawberry 4Skin (Hare)
Mad Dog (Hare)
The Bookmaker
Rim Job
Self Service
Can't Get Laid
Triple Sex
Pop Up
Carmen (later named Spanish Fly)
Nadine  (later named Blue Nun)
Titty Licker
Captain Sumo
Beat Me Up
Peter     (later named Twinkle Toes)
Kathy Collin
Akis Knatsis

And those who joined us at the Taverna:

Doggie Style

Before the run - Photographer Mad Dog

Link to 50th Anniversary Run photo's page

The original trail was repeated for the 50th Anniversary run:

The Trail

The trail started at the junction of Odos Pendelis (the road connecting the junction at Kifissias with Melissia) and Mitilinis street - next to the small park.

(To locate Mitilinis street, look for Klimaximum & Videorama signs on same side, and Pisina-Spa sign on opposite side of Odos Pendelis).

The trail went round the park & up the steps and up the hill (Louki Akrita) and left into Pittakou (see Kahlua Club) and up the hill (Sapfous) - check - then continue up hill. Turn left - bus stop & steps - into Tsitsani - and past Villa entrance (view of Olympic Stadium) - Falsie. Back down Markou Bambakari & cross over the stream (where Gobbler fell in) and uphill & turn left before Iambos (Dogs here). View of estate - Falsie. Past beehives (check) and up & left at Kazantzaki sign. - and down path into valley and right & left at road - along path by river bed & along river bed - False. Return to beginning of fence and up steep bank and up side of fence and up long steep bank (!) to the road above (Eressou). Up Beniam Toy Iesbiou and through the park and left to end (Vitsi). View here & Beer stop.

Right & down road (Testicles house was on the left - No. 14 where we originally had a beer stop in the front of his garage & did a mooning in the road). A couple of houses down on the left is a house with a plaster pelican outside. Continue to bottom of Papmou (?) and right at the Red-Bus kindergarten sign and along Terpandrou & past the "Fantasy house" on the right, then through the park & down Loukiakrita & left at Madamadou & right and down Mytilinis to return to start of the run. Had circle in the park.

The Taverna (Quite close to the run - but a bit difficult to find)

Mezethopoleio To Avthaireto
Pevkon 10, Maroussi Ktima Vorre
Tel: 210-802-9309
(Good food - light meal - Euro 10.00 each 05/04/2004)

Directions: Coming up Odos Pendelis from Kifissias, pass Margarita bakery on the right (left-hand bend in road here) and shortly after make sharp right hand turn over a little bridge. Immediately after the bridge turn left into Sapfous street. Continue up this street and turn left (opposite the steps on the right & near the bus stop) and then turn left again & left again into Pevkon street.