Ex-Athens Hash House Harriers - UK

Grand Master
: Tom Rafftery    

Tel. 01189 733963

On Sec.: Don Lowes (Zorba)    

Tel. 01252 628614     
E-mail: donslowes & yahoo.co.uk   

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The Ex-AH3 meet for a hash once per year.

Next Years Annual Bash :
Date : Saturday 1st July 2006 at 13.30
Venue : Don and Linda's House, Fleet, Hampshire
Hare : Don


3O Basingbourne Road
GU52 6TH
Tel. 01252 628614


There are two Hotels in Fleet :-

1. Lismoyne Classic Hotel   (Tel. 01252 628555)

[ Note : in the centre of Fleet, walking distance of Don's house ]

2. Days In Fleet   (Tel. 01252 815587)

[ Note : about 3 miles from Don's house ]


Anyone need a bed for the hash, or a floor, even just a sofa - send me an E.

Regards, Jonathan and Debbie

REPORT - 2005


Venue : Tony & Jane`s house, Shipley, Yorkshire
Hares : Tony & Jane

A very good turn out on a beautiful day, with some new,old and not seen for a while hashers

After the usual greetings, banter and pre hash talk , we set off, walkers and runners on a pleasant downward trail

The first check was at a very picturesque spot, next to a canal, which held us checking for quite a while

I think I missed the next check but finished up with the pack at a cable drawn railway terminal. From here of course we went up [ thankfully in the cars, kindly provided by the hares ]

After a while we parted from the walkers, the runners went down and the walkers headed towards town looking for ice creams.

The trail became even more pretty, with well laid checks and false trails to keep us cursing but together, to the on in.

Most of us were in well before the walkers, who apparently got lost shopping [ serves the b-----s right ]

A very good trail in some very pretty country side.

We soon got down to the real stuff, with down in ones for the usual offences, from racing [ a very serious hash offence ] to having the biggest gut ever seen on the hash [ takes some beating after hashing in Greece ]

The barbecues and excellent food that followed [ kindly provided by our hares ] went down well

We capped the day by the usual banter and singing, led by our Grand Master, Tom

An excellent weekend It seems to get better and better

Many Thanks to our gracious Hares Tony and Jane

Donald Lowes