Founding hash - Papagou 1978


(as of 11July 2017)

I was born in 1935 in Westerhope, near Newcastle upon Tyne and now live in Gloucestershire.

I'm getting on a bit now (age 82).

I worked in the British embassy from 1978 to 1980.

We have two children, both married with grown up children of their own.

I considered myself very fit until two years ago, when I developed partially blocked coronary arteries.

My condition requires a lot of stent. I have been advised against having it as I can cope with every day activities.

I was doing the occasional sprint triathlon and 10k races, now I can only run 100yds and am out of breath, so no hashing.

Not a happy bunny. I still attempt to keep fit, gym class 3 times a week, and cycle twice a week, but at a very slow pace.





These two were taken about 1979 the group photo is a race organised by Chuck Waltz for the American Club in Athens.

Chuck is a member of the hash and invited the hash to take part.

I am in the centre of the photo tiny Union Jack on my shorts. On on Brian Gray


Brian in good shape at 82 years old



I look a bit older now, don't drink quite so much beer.In the 70's we invariably went home drunk, tut tut.

On on Brian Gray


I have some old photos of the hash I will send when I get a friend to show me how to do it as I am not up to speed on IT.




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